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Pantone has published the 10 best colors for 2022

The shades represent people’s need for comfort and clarity after a pandemic.

The Pantone Color Institute has compiled 10 of the best colors and new trends to expect in a fashion designer’s fall / winter collections. The colors of the upcoming Spring / Summer 2022 New York Fashion Week shows reflect people’s desire for balance in the face of changing lifestyles, according to Pantone experts.

These colors demonstrate the need for comfort, clarity and safety. At the same time, there are new vibrant hues that reflect free optimism and a sense of awakening from the pandemic.

“Calming and joyful shades, as well as classic colors for spring 2022, combine the need for a pleasant acquaintance and the desire for a joyful adventure, and also express playfulness.

As we enter a new season where fashion rules no longer apply, the new shades will allow us to mix and match whatever we want. We will be able to explore new realities of color, discovering individual style and spontaneous color solutions, ”said Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

NYFW Spring / Summer 2022 Color Palette:

Diverse and distinctive colors combine to create a palette that reflects the need for comfort and unexpected joys.

Powdered Sugar is a “sweet” pastel shade that feels like it was made out of thin air.
Transparent pink – soft and powdery pale pink color as a light and delicate touch.
Hint is a color that grabs attention and teases.
Skydiver – inspires to new heights.
Narcissus – joyful daffodil reminds of the spontaneity of the spring garden.
Glacial Lake is the color of calm, serenity and peace.
Blue Harbor – Reflects the search for a safe space.
Cocoa mocha – delicious cocoa mocha warms the spirit.
Dahlia is an eye-catching purple color that exudes a dynamic atmosphere.
Poinsiana is the commander of the red, who seems to be making a dramatic statement.

Spring / Summer 2022 Highlights:

Classic, all-season shades whose versatility expresses durability.

Snow White is a pure and innocent white color that expresses our desire for simplicity and continuous inner peace.
Perfectly pale is a delicate sandy beige, the color of soothing comfort and a warm, inviting beach.
Basil – Sweet and savory, basil exudes health and wellness.
Northern Drop is a pale gray color that inspires a sense of calmness.
Poppy seed – the silent power of the dark gray poppy seed contains eternal intimacy.