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ul. Tytusa Chałubińskiego 8
Warszawa, 00-613 Polska
+48 577 037 263

We like beautiful things
with a strong concept

Development and production of creative notebooks, diaries, notebooks is our passion.
Working with paper, cover materials, binding and personalization are many small details that make up a good notebook. Some details can be seen at a glance, while others are often seen much later: when the notebook can be optimally opened without straining the spine; when it has a pleasant smell, it is pleasant to the touch; when with age it becomes even more charming. All this requires skill, many years of experience and confidence in working with thousands of different materials.

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Expert knowledge

For more than 20 years we have been producing notebooks, diaries, weeklies, notebooks, corporate books, accessories: luggage tags, purses, card holders, folders, key chains and other promotional items - for companies and agencies. Our production bases are located in Ukraine, Poland, Italy.


You can talk to us about any details related to the production of notebooks and accessories. Even if you only have an idea of what your notebook or accessory you want should look like, we will help you create a tangible product from your ideas.
And since such things always need to be held in your hands, try to touch, open and close them, evaluate visually - we will be happy to send you samples of paper, samples of cover materials, samples of notebooks and accessories you are interested in.

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Production: from manual
to industrial

In our studios we develop new individual concepts of our products, in the production - we test materials and finishing processes with great attention to detail. Our goal is to consistently interpret each notebook or accessory in a completely new way. We are looking for inspiration in architecture, fashion, literature, art and design.
After developing the concept, production will not take much time. Production time is five to six weeks, depending on the selected material, number of copies and personalization. We have perfectly coordinated production processes, so that even complex projects can be delivered ``just in time``.

We are ``for`` printed products!

Although half the world would agree with the ``seal dies`` mantra, we see the opposite. Our customers attach paramount importance to the highest quality workmanship and use of selected materials. Some publications, not standard - beyond the ``norm``, are more popular today than ever. Despite the progress of digitalization, the demand for high-quality, innovative notebooks and stationery is constantly growing.

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Why us?


More than 20 years, more than 10,000 separate editions


Professional, ambitious, active


High-quality, modern offset printing

Huge selection

Paper, materials, bindings, finishes, woods


For all questions, in any convenient way


Development of projects taking into account all wishes

Our customers

From startups to international brands


Worldwide services DHL, DPD, UPS, FedEx

Why do you need a notebook?

Because the notebook has proven to be the perfect addition to our modern electronic gadgets in our daily business life;

Because a notebook is a brilliant advertising medium for your company;

Because the notebook only knows the chronological order that best suits our linear thinking;

Because handwritten notes are always better remembered than typed ones;

Because it's the perfect brand ambassador that's 100% custom made to fit your corporate design;

Because it is a gift that will accompany your employees, customers or business partners in their personal lives.