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We take environmental protection seriously and expect a similar attitude from our partners.

As a manufacturer, we make every possible effort every day to avoid negative consequences of our business.

We transfer all production waste that occurs during the production of products for recycling. None of the waste is stored or accumulated in the soil. In the production process, we also use recyclable materials, giving it a new life.

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Premium paper

In our prints we use exclusively paper from sustainable forests, which is certified Cradle to Cradle® (from cradle to cradle) and controlled sources of FSC, and we transfer all production waste for further recycling. White paper with natural surface and high whiteness made from ECF, LONG LIFE and ACID FREE cellulose Creamy, natural coated paper made with ECF certified F. S. C. cellulose from forests managed under strict environmental, social and economic standards. High opacity paper.

Recycled leather

Recycled leather products fully interpret the ecological sensibilities of the modern world without giving up the precious material of leather. Projects are always special, unique, attentive to design and conscientious use of raw materials.
Regenerated leather is produced by crushing and grafting skin fibers obtained from regenerating skin processing and is produced in accordance with REACH requirements.

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Biogreen materials

Materials from renewable resources. Under the Biogreen brand, materials are produced, in the production of raw materials, textile base and polyurethane for which, environmentally friendly energy from renewable sources was used.
The use of the Biogreen series, in comparison with traditional synthetic materials, has a significantly lower environmental impact and almost does not deplete the planet's natural resources.

MALTO GROUP annually contributes to the conservation of nature, biological diversity and environmental safety.

“Planting a tree with your own hands” is a simple step that will allow us to contribute to a healthier and greener world around us. After all, trees are, without exaggeration, the lungs of the Planets, which not only absorb carbon dioxide, but also emit oxygen necessary for life.

“Maintaining ecological balance is one of the main tasks of mankind in our time and everyone, without exception, must protect nature and take actions that are aimed at its favorable existence and development.”